Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-04-15
Clearance – CPU Cooler, GPU, WC, Cable Management

The clearance options within EVOLV ITX are critical for system builders as they highlight what hardware will fit inside the chassis and which won’t. In this section we’ll be establishing the component limitations for key areas.

CPU Cooler

For the CPU cooler there is a maximum height of approximately 195mm – this covers a wide selection of cooling solutions and is an extremely generous amount of space.

Graphics Card

Turning our attention to the graphics card, there is a total of 330mm (13”). The HDD platform can still be attached with the graphics card in place – we’ve just removed it to make it easier to demonstrate the clearance measurement.

Water Cooling

EVOLV ITX has numerous places for mounting water cooling radiators (as well as locations for mounting pumps/reservoirs).

At the front there is up to 240mm radiator support and at the top there is up to 280mm radiator support (plus 240mm).

Cable Management

There are numerous areas with varying amounts of clearance but the area directly next to the PSU in the lower region of EVOLV ITX offers up to 4cm. This area is great for storing redundant cables. Regardless of where cables are stored behind the motherboard tray, the side panel comfortably fits back onto the chassis without a problem.

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