Phanteks Enthoo Primo Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅18-09-13

Phanteks Enthoo Primo can be summed up in just one word: monolith.

For a first-time product, Phanteks really need to be commended for such a valiant effort. We have been really impressed by what we have seen in this new computer chassis and we can certainly recommend it.

From a build quality point of view, Primo oozes excellence. It’s been a while since we have seen such good quality engineering and thoughtful design work. It’s quite clear Phanteks have spent a lot of time carefully planning this project, implementing some brilliant features whilst maintaining generous amounts of clearance for an assortment of hardware.

After just an initial observation it’s quite obvious this chassis is touted as being equipped for water-cooling support. Inside, there are numerous sizes and orientations available for avid cooling enthusiasts to plan out a new system build. In this particular aspect, Primo has extensive coverage which other cases on the market can only dream of offering.

The only complaint we have about Primo is the lack of XL-ATX support – which we really expect from a case of this stature.

Priced at £200 (GBP) / $250 (USD) many of you, (as we were) will be surprised what is on offer for this sum of money. Other cases in the same price-range do not offer the same quality and features – Primo is simply in another league.


Enthoo Primo is a fantastic first attempt at computer case design from Phanteks. They have certainly excelled themselves in almost every area and cooling enthusiasts will be pleased to discover countless options for radiators available inside this stunning chassis. Other case manufacturers ought to be very afraid... We very rarely hand out our prestigious platinum award, but Primo has excelled and we are pleased to highly recommend this case.

+ Visual distinctive and attractive
+ Premium build quality without compromise
+ Thoughtful engineering/design
+ Strong cooling performance
+ Excellent clearance options
+ Thorough water cooling support
+ Brilliant cable management
+ Good value for money

- No XL-ATX support

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