Phanteks Enthoo Primo Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅18-09-13

Moving in for a closer look at the rest of Primo, we can see the front features a brushed aluminium faceplate which looks rather professional. This elegant front section is split into various regions, the lower section has a rectangular cut-out which has ventilation inside the cavity for the front mounted cooling fans underneath. To the right, this mesh is extended to provide further ventilation for the compartment behind the motherboard tray. Phanteks have designed Primo to have a protruding plastic fascia on the right-side, this features a lighting system and power button. Overall, we really like the look of visual appearance.

Around the back, at the bottom, over on the left side is an area for mounting the PSU – this will sit behind the motherboard tray since the tray is engineered higher up in the chassis. Next to this there is a perforated section for an optional 120/140mm cooling fan. Above this, there is a total of eight PCI expansion slot covers and ventilation to the immediate right. At the top of this rear panel there is a 140mm cooling fan which has been positioned as an exhaust – Phanteks have designed Primo to have slide mounting rather than mounting holes, this means the fan can have its vertical position altered to the user’s requirements.

The front and back of Primo

In the upper region of the front panel there is a door which covers the 5.25” drive bays. This sturdy door pivots from the left and has magnetics to help it close.

There are a total of five 5.25” drive bay covers which are removable from the outside of Primo.

Door covers 5.25” drive bays

On the top edge of Primo within the cavity sit the front panel connectivity. Due to these ports being exposed to dust/dirt, Phanteks have given each of the USB ports a rubber cover. We think this is a brilliant idea – those ports which are unused can be kept dust-free. The following are available here:

• Lighting/Reset buttons
• 2x USB 2.0 ports
• 2x USB 3.0 ports
• Headphone/microphone jacks

Front panel ports have rubber covers

The top section of Primo is again constructed of Aluminium and has a perforated, removable fascia in the centre. This cover simply needs to be pressed-in towards the back to detach and includes a dust filter.

The top of Primo with removable cover

The underside of Primo features seven rubber feet to help prevent the case from slipping on smooth surfaces. The two sections at the bottom of Primo feature removable dust filters since inside the case, a cooling fan is pre-installed and more can be added.

The bottom of Primo

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