Phanteks Enthoo Primo Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅18-09-13

The side panels on Primo are fixed into place via dual thumbscrews. Although our case is huge in stature, we are surprised to see XL-ATX absent from the form factor compatibility. Nevertheless E-ATX, ATX and M-ATX are all supported and there is a twist on the traditional layout of the computer chassis. The PSU has been taken away from the prominent side and instead, cooling fans and radiators are able to be installed. Phanteks have also taken the HDD storage to the reverse side and given the motherboard a fascia on the right-hand side to disclose cable management.

The cable management options within Primo are on another level with the clearance options and features which come integrated. On the reverse side there is also an eight channel PWM hub which the included fans all slot into.

A twist on the traditional layout

Cable management is a key feature

At the bottom of Primo, on the prominent side, there is a pre-installed 140mm cooling fan (PH-F140SP 1200RPM) this fan is positioned as an intake bringing cool air into the chassis. At the bottom there are varied options for mounting radiators, providing space for radiators up to 480mm. More on this later!

The lower region of Primo

Primo has a total of eight PCI expansion slot covers for multi-GPU configurations. All of the covers have ventilation for better airflow inside the case and also have the thumbscrews for easy removal. To the immediate left there is additional ventilation.

Multi-GPU support

Above the PCI covers are two 140mm exhaust cooling fans (PH-F140SP 1200RPM). These fans can be re-positioned because there are sliders as opposed to mounting holes and both fans are already connected to the PWM hub on the reverse.

At the back of Primo, where the 140mm cooling fan resides, we can obviously fit a 140mm radiator if you are wanting to go down the water-cooling route. At the top a combination of different sized radiators can be attached and as such, up to 480mm can be installed. More on the water-cooling clearance later in the review.

Dual 140mm exhaust fans pre-installed

Over on the other side of the case, Primo has a total of 5x 5.25 drive bays each having tool-free design mechanisms for fixing devices into place. The quality and finish of these features are top-notch.

Tool-free design mechanisms for 5.25 drives

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