Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅31-08-11
Packaging and Content

The packaging

The packaging used by Phanteks for their PH-TC14PE is a standard cardboard box 220x175x200mm is size. On appearance, it seems very compact given the size of the cooler. The box is littered with a wealth of information concerning the features and specifications. We can see that the graphics art is very neatly finished and the black and white theme is certainly very attractive. On the front, a teaser of the cooler in white is illustrated as well as the different coloured alternatives. In the top right corner is the Phanteks logo and model name.

The back of the box

At the back is a short summary of the PH-TC14PE repeated in 9 other languages suggestive of the brand’s global outreach. As mentioned Phanteks are European based like a lot of other successful brands including Noctua. We see a continuation of the black and white colour theme at the back.

The features

On one side of the box, all the features are listed with a description on how they help improve performance. The key features are the dual radiator design and inclusion of two 140mm fans. Phanteks’ unique technologies, P.A.T.S and C.P.S.C are also described. More information is available on our features and specifications page.

The specifications

Phanteks have also provided a very in-depth break down of the cooler and fan specifications with information about the design/construction of the heatsink, its weight, and dimensions. The fan speeds are also listed so users have a better idea of performance. For buyers looking to buy this in retail stores, the content is also listed for convenience.

Inside the box

Inside we see that the heatsink sits snugly within the packaging. When opening the box, a specially cut out foam piece sits on top and at the bottom, we see the same thing. The base of heatsink is secured by the white cardboard fold out. On either side of the heatsink are the Phanteks PH-F140TS fans, and in the middle of the radiators is the accessories box.

The bundle

The bundle and accessories is fairly extensive. Included are:

-1x PH-TC140PE
-2x PH-F140 Premium fans
-6x Rubber bars
-12x Fan clip adaptors
-6x Fan wire clips
-16x Acoustic Rubber Damper
-1x Quiet-Speed-Adaptor (Q.S.A)
-SoliSku mounting kits for Intel Socket LGA1155, 1156, LGA1366, LGA775, and AMD AM2/2+/AM3 (stock backplate required)
-1x Y fan splitter
-1x PH-NDC thermal compound
-1x PH-TC14 User’s manual

Phanteks have nicely packaged their mounting kit into separate bag for Intel and AMD systems respectively. What is interesting to note is that their packaging is strongly reminiscent of Noctua’s packaging as are the components for the SoliSku mounting kits. The provided socket screws, studs, black fan clip adapters, case fan screws are exactly the same as what Noctua bundles. The rest of the SoliSku components share similar traits to Noctua’s SecuFirm mounting kit. The only thing missing is a screwdriver. However, Phanteks have to be commended for their inclusion of 6 fan wire clips instead of just four. This means three fans can be installed without issues. Typically dual tower heatsinks only bundle four wire clips to support two fans. Anti-vibration rubber strips and pads are also provided.

The fan packaging

If bought separately, this is the packaging the Phanteks PH-F140TS fan comes in. It uses a very sleek black and white design with a clear plastic cut out to showcase the colour and design of the fan blades. Again, we see a strong resemblance to Noctua’s packaging.

The fan features

At the back, all the specifications are listed and there is also a panel that opens to reveal more information on the features such as Maelstrom Vortex Booster and unique UFB bearings. The panel is attached using Velcro pads.

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