PowerColor DEVIL R9 390X Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-09-15

Product on Review: PowerColor DEVIL R9 390X
Manufacturer & Sponsor: PowerColor
Street Price: £360 GBP / $459 USD

PowerColor has been in the market of producing graphics cards since 1997 and has always brought innovation and creativity to the table with exciting designs year-in, year-out. Today is no exception; we have in our midst a rather special product.

It was at Computex 2015 that PowerColor announced its DEVIL R9 390X and today we have the pleasure of taking a look at this rather unique piece of kit. Featuring a hybrid cooling solution, DEVIL uses a blend of water and air to effectively cool its Grenada XT GPU and VRM configuration. An aggressive design sets this card apart from others and as well as a custom cooling solution, also boasts a factory overclock.

How will it compare against other R9 390X graphics cards? Let’s find out!

About PowerColor
PowerColor, established by Tul Corporation in 1997, is a graphics industry leading brand name now and well known for its outstanding performance and innovative technology. As a leading provider of graphics card, PowerColor offers powerful, reliable and cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide.

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