PowerColor DEVIL R9 390X Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-09-15

With the AMD 300 series now in full swing a variety of brands are bringing some custom designs to the table to spice things up. One such brand is PowerColor which, as we’ve seen in today’s review, brings a new concept into the foray.

Showcasing the new Hybrid cooling solution, the DEVIL 390X combines air and water cooling. This unique concept translates to low-temperatures compared to rival; standard, air cooled 390Xs. The only issue some may have is where to mount the radiator/fan combo – especially if the system is using a closed loop cooler for the CPU too. But aside from this, we quite like the design – it works well and achieves what it sets out to.

On the performance front the DEVIL 390X tackled a wide selection of games very well. Synthetic tests revealed a worthy 390X and overclocking realised a reasonable accomplishment.

The only slight niggles come with the high power consumption. PowerColor state that a minimum of 750W is a necessity with DEVIL 390X and our power consumption test highlighted a rather hungry graphics card indeed. We also think one or two more HDMI/DP would be more suitable for this calibre of graphics card, especially since it’s designed for ultra-high resolution gaming.

DEVIL 390X is priced at £360 GBP / $459 USD – this is comparative to other custom cooled/overclocked R9 390X graphics cards currently gracing the market. This card performs well and does so by offering low temperatures with a reasonable warranty too.

PowerColor has designed an impressive R9 390X in the DEVIL – it boasts an innovative hybrid cooling solution which delivers outstanding results. If you’re in the market for one of AMD’s cards, this one is a great choice!

+ Visually attractive
+ Low-temperatures
+ Great performance
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 2 years warranty

- High power consumption
- More DP/HDMI ports required
- Requires 120mm radiator mounting

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