PowerColor DEVIL R9 390X Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-09-15
Closer Look (Graphics Card)

The first thing that will become apparent when viewing the DEVIL graphics card is its unorthodox cooling solution. DEVIL uses a hybrid cooling solution which combines a traditional cooling fan with water cooling configuration courtesy of pump and radiator. We’ll look at the finer details later on, but from an initial look this card certainly has a unique visual appearance – PowerColor laying claim to being the only provider of such a hybrid solution for the R9 390X.

The actual graphics card uses a plastic shroud with the DEVIL insignia stamped on it and a brushed aluminium plate which sits over the cooling fan. Aesthetically, we really like what PowerColor has done with this 390X.

Flipping the card over, on the reverse the design is continues to add its own identity. A metal plate is positioned over the backside of the PCB to protect the card from damage and maintain rigidity.

Running down the edge of DEVIL there is a HYBRID logo which glows when the card is powered up. Immediately next to this we have the PCI Express. Since this card is powering two cooling fans and a pump we come to expect quite a power hungry offering. DEVIL demands 8+6pin connectors and PowerColor state that a 750W power supply is needed.

The 390X is designed for 4K gaming and ultra-high resolutions. As such there are some ports which assist with this, but we’d have liked to see more DP and HDMI than what’s allocated. Included are the following:

• 2x DVI-I port
• 1x DisplayPort
• 1x HDMI port

If you’re planning to go for a single 4K screen configuration it’s a good idea to go with DP or HDMI to get the faster refresh rate. Since this is an AMD card there is no port for the Crossfire – this is all done via software.

On the next page we’ll take a close look at the cooling solution and PCB/components.

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