PowerColor RED DEVIL RX 470 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-08-16

Product on Review: RED DEVIL RX 470
Manufacturer & Sponsor: PowerColor
Street Price: £199 GBP / $199 USD

Defending the mid-range, AMD has been on a passionate mission with their recent “Radeon Rebellion” campaign. We’ve already seen how the Radeon RX 480 performs and today sees us take a look at the next candidate to join the series – the RX 470. This new graphics card is intended for mainstream gamers who require a good value for money GPU whilst gaming with those high-detail presets enabled at 1080p. Will a sub £199 / $199 graphics card be capable of offering such possibilities?

Having already scrutinised the devilish delights of PowerColor’s RED DEVIL RX 480, we turn to the brand again today for a look at their RED DEVIL RX 470. The 470 variant arrives with a similar livery, although the cooler now bears two cooling fans and is obviously smaller in size – making it more discreet. PowerColor has equipped this new card to feature the dual-switch OC mode to have the card operate in a low-noise state or advanced overclock.

RED DEVIL RX 470 is looking like a good value for money offering. Let’s put it under the spotlight!

PowerColor on their RED DEVIL
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