Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅08-07-11

Product on Review: Prolimatech Genesis
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Prolimatech courtesy of CaseKing
Street Price: 59,90EUR/ £55

CPU cooler designs in the recent years have in many ways stagnated. Most conform to the usual single tower design although we have seen a sudden surge in the popularity of dual tower heatsinks thanks to the unparalleled performance they deliver, but again these are nothing new. However, it is often the way that manufacturers design their heatsinks that help optimise performance. These generally come as subtle changes, such as the ripple-like fin structure of the Thermalright Archon or the bent winglet design of the Thermalright Venomous X. More recently, we saw Prolimatech introduce a unique dual tower heatsink that followed the dimensions/form factor of regular tower heatsinks in the shape of the Super Mega. Their innovation paid off and the Super Mega found itself competing with the best coolers on the market. Thanks to its copper and aluminium fin construction, thermal conductivity was increased without the cost of significant weight addition. However, this wasnít the end for Prolimatech. Despite the wide variety of Megahalem style coolers already on sale, Prolimatech have been busy coming up with new innovative cooling solutions and todayís review sample is the most unique of them all, the Prolimatech Genesis.

Where do we start with the Prolimatech Genesis? For a start, itís not your everyday single or dual tower cooler. The Genesis is very unique in its design; it is composed of two radiators, one upright and the other designed as a down-draft heatsink to cool memory modules, MOSFETs and the motherboard Northbridge. This makes the Genesis a very versatile cooler and a promising one at that as it combines the sheer cooling potential of a regular heatsink and the motherboard cooling capability of down-draft coolers such as the Noctua NH-C14. There is a risk that Prolimatech have compromised on the design such that its efficiency is effectively reduced by implementing two concepts into one cooler. On initial looks the upright radiator appears very narrow and realistically we expect larger towers with higher surface areas to be the best performers. But as we all know, initial impressions donít tell the whole story and with Prolimatechís history of delivering high quality cooling solutions, we expect the Genesis design to revolutionise the future air cooling market.

A bit about Prolimatech
Prolimatech, founded in 2008 is headquartered in Taiwan, led by a team of dedicated experts with 22 years of accumulated experience in the field of computer thermal solutions.

Prolimatech stands for Professionalism exceeding beyond all Limits. We are here to challenge any limits that stand in our way to achieve what was thought to be impossible.

Prolimatech incorporates integration of the aerospace resource-saving technology and advanced heat conduction technology to create the best heat absorption and dissipation solutions while pertaining to the science of aesthetics.

Our never-ending quest is to satisfy every computer overclockerís and every enthusiastís needs for high quality and performance oriented thermal solutions for their high-end computer components.

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