Prolimatech Megahalems Rev C Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-08-13

Product on Review: Megahalems Rev C
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Prolimatech
Street Price: £42.98

You don’t have to look too far to discover that Prolimatech have been a prolific influence on the CPU cooler market with their Megahalems and Super Mega offerings. Whilst the cooling segment has many brands and models for the consumer to choose from, these particular models have stood out as being shining examples, and today we are to look at the Megahalems in its third instalment.

The Megahalems Rev. C continues with the trusty dual heatsink design from previous versions but now has the added AMD hold down components for AMD system builders. Prolimatech have always been keen to laden their coolers with appealing and clean aesthetics and Rev. C does not shy away from this. With a robust mounting kit, six burly copper heatpipes and support for numerous socket types this latest production looks set to impress, so let’s check it out!

Prolimatech’s take on Megahalems Rev. C
In early September, Intel has finally released the long-anticipated Socket 1156. In following pursuit, Prolimatech released the bigger and better version of the Megahalems. Now it comes with extra set of fan clips for even better cooling results. It also includes the new all-in-one backplate for an easy, convenient installation on Intel Socket 775, 1156/1155,1150,1366 and 2011. Also added to the upgrade package is the new material for the top fin on this "Mega" heatsink. This particular fin is made of all stainless steel. Its main features incorporate a greater resistance to accidental scratches and oxidation. For regular maintenance, all you have to do is lightly polish it with a soft cloth so you’ll always have that new out-of-the-box shiny looks; great for showing off at LAN parties and to your friends!

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