QPAD MK-85 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅19-01-12

MK-85 Config Software

The software arrives in a very small package (7mb) on the included CD which may seem like big waste, especially considering the keyboard is plug-and-play on most operating systems so you could perhaps download it easily from the manufacturer’s website. It is however nice to slip the CD in and be up and running in minutes rather than searching for the software yourself online. It is however recommended to check on the QPAD website for the latest software version available should you encounter any incompatibility.

The software suite appears to be very basic at first glance and much less complex than the Logitech G19 interface for example. However I do appreciate the intuitive design as without the needless complexities, it is not daunting to use and very easy to navigate.

Macro Programming

There are 10 available 'M' keys to assign a macro too which for most people will be plenty. The great thing about the MK-85 though is that the 'M' keys can be assigned to whichever physical key you want rather than being restricted to a certain section of the keyboard. Setting up macros is very easy and not as complex as some other software interfaces I have had the displeasure to use. Not all of the usual macro settings are available though such as keystroke holding, multiple macro execution and such like although this could easily be implemented in future software updates.

Key Assignment

There are also pre-configured settings which act as the most commonly used windows short cuts such as cut, paste, print etc. The keyboard also has the function to disable any keys entirely such as the left windows key which is the bane of most gamers.

Overall, setting the keyboard up to my preferences was a cinch to do and was completed without even having to consult the included instruction manual - such is the intuitive design. With your keyboard setup just how you like you will be happy (or not) to know that you can expand the functionality by adding a further four profiles making a total of 50 macros available should you wish!

Overall I would say the software edges towards the more basic operation but what it lacks in functionality it makes up for in design as it is extremely simple to use. If I had to complain about anything it would be that the keyboard on display is blue not red like the MK-85 it is designed to show!

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