QPAD MK-70 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅06-01-15

Product on Review: QPAD MK-70 PRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
Manufacturer: QPAD
Price: MSRP 99€

The QPAD mechanical keyboard design has become fairly well established and recognisable due to being part of the vanguard of mechanical gaming keyboards a few years ago. Though the MK-70, in name, sits just below the MK-80, in reality it is closer to the MK-50 in features meaning that is does not have the integrated audio or USB ports like the MK-80/85, but unlike the MK-50, it has blue LED backlighting. As a package it does away with the extra key caps, key cap remover and wrist pad that is included with the MK-50, but as a consolation it is supplied with a USB>PS2 converter so you can access the full NKRO feature out the box.

The logic behind the MK-70 may seem strange at first, but considering it is still packing those MX-Cherry Red mechanical switches, a no fuss LED backlit gaming keyboard that will work effectively (if not better) via the mostly redundant PS2 port (freeing up a USB port) can make a fairly attractive proposition.

Overview by QPAD
Unlike your average keyboard, that functions through rubber domes, forcing you to press each key all the way down in order for the stroke to register, the MK-70 features true mechanical switches with unmatched accuracy and feel. No more pressing with full-force in order to activate the keys.The QPAD keyboard will respond to your every stroke in an instant.

Other boards normally have a short life span and wear out quickly, resulting in unresponsiveness, delays and a dull, clunky feel to the keys. The key switches on the MK-70 are built to last 50 million strokes, and the QPAD mechanical key technology provides distinctive feedback and puts you in absolute control. The travel distance of the keys is set to 4mm with an actuation point at 2mm.

For gamers, it’s all about the feel and functionallity and that is where the QPAD MK-70 truly shines. With led backlight keys, mechanical key switches, media keys and full N-Key rollover, it’s the perfect gaming keyboard.

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