QPAD QH-85 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-02-14
Specifications & Features
Transducer type: Dynamic 53mm
Operating principle: Open
Frequency response: 15Hz-25KHz
Nominal impedance: 60 Ohm per system
Nominal SPL: 923dB
T.H.D: < 2%
Power handling capacity: 250mW
Sound coupling to the ear: Circumaural
Ambient noise attenuation: approx. 10 dBA
Headband pressure: 5 N
Weight with microphone and cable: 350g
Cable length and type: 1m + 2m extension + 10cm iphone
Connection: Mini stereo jack plug(3.5MM)

Transducer type: Condenser(back electret)
Operating principle: Pressure gradient
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Power supply: AB powering
Supply voltage: 2V
Current consumption: Max 0.5 mA
Nominal impedance: < 2.2 k Ohm
Open circuit voltage at f = 1 kHz 20 mV / Pa
Frequency response: 100 - 12,000 Hz
T.H.D: 2% at f = 1 kHz
Max. SPL: 105dB SPL
Microphone output: -393dB
Dimensions: 6*5mm
Length mic boom: 150MM(include gooseneck)
Capsule diameter: 6mm

QPAD QH-85 Key features:
Hi-Fi capable 53mm drivers for supreme audio quality
15-25.000 Hz frequency response
Detachable microphone (quick and easy to plug/unplug for music-only purposes)
Solid aluminum construction for durability and stability
Super-soft padded leather headband and velour padding on cups for maximum comfort
Open cup design on QH-85 for natural Hi-Fi audio with a minimum of sound leakage

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