QPAD QH-85 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-02-14
Closer Look

Complete with microphone

The product itself looks great, nearly identical to the QH-90 with exception to the mesh on the earcups. The headband and frame has that 'Beyerdynamic' look to it (to which QPAD partnered with on various products).

From the side

The padding on the headband is very soft and is covered by a soft leather while the exposed cables are covered by a quality braiding.

Adjustable notches

The aluminium forks have little circular notches to help keep place when adjusted to fit.

Open backed earcups

As these are open backed we find a mesh covering the outer side of the earcup. The QPAD Q gives slight decoration to what would otherwise be a rather plain design.

Room for another?

The earcup padding is coated in very soft velour which is a nice change to various other materials used.

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