QPAD QH-85 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-02-14
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Setup is fairly standard using the relatively universal 3.5mm jack for stereo channels and microphone. The connected cable is fairly short, long enough for use with a portable device if you use the included 10cm adaptor. The cable length when used with the remote will likely be enough for most desktop scenarios but the 2m extension is a nice inclusion regardless. The exposed areas of plastic on the body of the headset or accessories are coated with a rubberised texture that gives an impressive professional finish.

The QH-85 is very springy and flexible and opens easily to wear and the clamp strength is reasonable, not overbearing. The earcups are large and accommodating, easily surrounding my ears while the soft velour is comfortable while the headband does an excellent job of keeping things cosy on top. The velour is very soft and more importantly, not irritating like some other implementations can be and is forgiving to those who wear glasses. In hot weather some may prefer not to use velour over other materials, though in that situation, many may choose simply not to use headphones at all.

The included remote feels decent and is separate to the main line on the headset which is great because you don't even need to use it if you don't want to.

okkvltkatt - Elixr (SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS RMX) gave a great blend of heavy bass and high tones to test out the QH-85. The bass was smooth and natural, acting as a perfect compliment to the mid and high tones which are very detailed and pronounced. Tom McRae's 2nd Law revealed the acoustic prowess of the QH-85, natural sounding vocals with detailed guitar sounds. The QH-85 certainly lets the audio wash over you with a more balanced sound that is able to pick up great detail, rather than punching the sound into your ears.

Games were just as great, while less 'cinematic' in terms of FPS explosions, you could certainly get lost in the more exploratory aspects. Simply by roaming around, the background noises would give you a sense of 'being there'. Definitely a pro in more open world games.

The microphone quality is good and very natural sounding in conversation. You may need to move the microphone to be as close to your mouth as you can get when in use but this isn't an issue when you consider that the included microphone is flexible and adjustable. There was a small amount of background static introduced in conversation but was not considered disruptive, annoying or distracting in any way even at 100% sensitivity. Of course when using the microphone boost the background noise did increase too, though realistically you are unlikely to require the use the boost.

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