QPAD QH-85 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-02-14

The QPAD QH-85, like its stablemate the QH-90, emits signals of quality from the packaging to build quality and there is nothing that slips up. The sound quality is great, the headset is comfortable, the microphone is competent and the supporting bundle of modular cables and accessories is comprehensive. Offering the choice of an open cup headset is a great call by QPAD because not everyone enjoys or desires that 'coloured' sound associated with gaming audio, I.E. Strong bass impact, clear highs. Instead, the QH-85 gives a more balanced, natural sounding audio experience.

The only downsides that can really be considered are oversights at best due to the very nature of being open backed and is a trade-off with the benefits of being so. That is, the bass, while still very detailed and present, is more subtle and has less impact. By that, we mean, less punchy, rumbly and vibrational, the kind many gamers enjoy due to the cinematic experience it can provide. The other thing, which may be more important to some, is the sound leakage. Unlike a closed back which prevents any audio being heard externally, an open back headset will emit just as much sound as you receive to those around you. This may not be so ideal for many who use a headset purely for the discrete nature of doing so. All things considered, the QPAD QH-85 is a shining example of quality all round and will come highly recommended, for these reasons, we happily present our Gold Award.

The QPAD QH-85 in excellence, deserves to be amongst the top flight of audio products at this price point, offering a true alternative for those who seek a more natural sound, over the more typical 'booming gamer orientated' audio.

+ Attractive aesthetic
+ Modular cables and good quality removable microphone
+ Very comfortable
+ 53mm Drivers
+ Balanced, natural sounding audio
+ Good quality construction
+ Impressive packaging

- Weak bass impact
- Sound leakage

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to QPAD for providing today’s review sample.

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