QPAD QH-90 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-04-13
Packaging & Accessories

Sleek Quality packaging

On the box front we find a pleasing minimalistic aesthetic with a photo of the product and a column of thumbnails listing the features of the headset. Listed in the information we can see that this product has a 2 year warranty, a great bonus. The left side has the product name written across the entire expanse sub headed with 'Pro Gaming Premium Headset', bold but informative, at least you know you aren't picking up a low grade gaming sheep.

Box Rear, keeping it simple

The rear face of the packaging simply lists the features and specifications in various languages with an overview about the product. Along the right side we can see a number of product images alongside listed features.

Box in a box?

Inside the outer box is an inner box... great quality and design but leaves one to wonder whether or not you are being trolled. Regardless of opinion over cost of packaging, a new product purchase is often about experience and lasting impression and QPAD have succeeded here.

Congratulations, you opened the box inside the box!

It's not every day you get congratulated for making a purchase but at least the overt confidence that you will be pleased by this product is held in faith by the founder of QPAD, This sort-of-Certificate is protected by a layer of paper under which is a layer of protective foam covering the headset which is neatly displayed. Opening this box is very much like a child's fantasy where golden glow would be leaking out as you slowly remove the packaging, wide eyed, choir singing, as the shiny item inside is revealed. Delusional fantasies aside, it is hard not to be impressed.

Quality nylon carry bag and instruction manual

Inside a pull out cardboard drawer at the bottom of the box we can find a nylon drawcord carry bag which is higher than expected quality.

Modular control box

Finding a modular cable system is an interesting design concept, the QH-90 has a modular control box cable, 2m extension cable and a short iPhone/ MP3 multi purpose adaptor which is a great inclusion. The control box has a soft feel coating to it with volume adjust, mic on/off and a large button that is to start/stop playback on your iPhone. Though mic on/off switch seemed a little stiff, overall the control box does not feel flimsy or fragile seems good quality.

2m cable extension

Not sure why anyone would need 3m+ total cable length but if you do then this will cater for that need! Like all the cabling, it is the soft feel, supple jelly like cables that are easily pliable and bendy to your will.

10cm iPhone adaptor

The inclusion of this adaptor allows versatility should you wish to use the QH-90 with your smartphone or MP3 player of choice.

Modular, adjustable microphone

Removable flexi-microphones are becoming ever more popular and this is no exception. Promised to be of premium grade it will be interesting to see how it performs.

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