QPAD QH-90 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-04-13
Closer Look

Overview of the QPAD QH-90

The white leather is slightly off white compared to the white soft-feel plastic which is used throughout but the white aesthetic is definitely impressive and works well with the cool aluminium frame.

Leather is used on the headband

Soft white leather is used on both the headband and earcups with memory foam padding.

QPAD logo embroidered on the top of the headset

A little indulgent embroidery work, looks pretty cool.

Aluminium adjustable strap

We can see the adjustment levels in the aluminium as well as the strong plastic joints that hold the ear cups and headband together.

Large padded ear cups

The ear cups are large and will accommodate most people no problem. The soft white leather covered memory foam is soft and squishy which promises luxury comfort.

Bottom view of ear cups

At the bottom of the left side ear cup, we can see a rubber stop protecting the microphone jack. Curiously, QPAD did not opt for a full modular cable system and have tethered a cable to the ear cup in a more traditional manner.

Protective braiding on cables

Often, the cables are hidden somewhere in the design of the ear cups, however, using an aluminium frame would present difficulty routing them, so they have been left exposed on the headset. The braiding is good quality and acts as protection, unless your friends like to play practical jokes where they sneak up behind you with scissors.

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