QPAD QH-90 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-04-13

QPAD have done an excellent job on the QH-90, top class build quality, comfort and audio wrapped up in a sleek minimalistic aesthetic that is aimed at gamers looking for a stylish and elegant alternative to the usual 'gamer gear' appeal and there is little to fault this product on. From the soft feel plastic and the leather to the use of brushed aluminium, this product stands tall especially for the price point. The modular cable system is a neat idea though would have been nice to see a 3.5mm jack on the headset itself for a completely modular cable system. The inclusion of the iPhone/MP3 adaptor gives versatility out the box and will appeal to many.

To be really picky we can mention that the audio reproduction may not fully satisfy an audiophile, though it would be unlikely you will be looking at a 'gaming headset' if you consider yourself to be as such. The audio can be slightly weak in the mid tones while the bass, though not weak, could be a bit punchier. This can make the audio sound slightly on the tinny side but that is intentional to the design that becomes a strength that lends itself more to gaming than music and media uses.

Overall the QPAD QH-90 offers powerful performance that should not be overlooked as it is amongst the best in this price range. The packaging gave clue to the quality of this headset which arguably has superior comfort and design compared to its competitors. A model example of Gold rated product.

+ Sleek minimalist aesthetic
+ Modular cables, iPhone adaptor and carry bag
+ Robust Aluminium frame
+ Amongst the best around for comfort
+ 53mm Drivers
+ High Quality, removable noise reducing microphone
+ Good quality packaging

- Slightly weak in the mid range

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to QPAD for providing today’s review sample.

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