Raijintek EreBoss Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-08-13

The CPU cooling category is extremely competitive with numerous options to choose from, has Raijintek done enough to make an impression?

EreBoss is Raijintek’s flagship CPU cooler and under stock performance we found it to be an excellent solution for keeping Intel’s demanding Sandy Bridge-E nice and cool. Not everyone applies an overclock, let alone a substantial one but EreBoss did struggle in this department and fell behind its great achievement under stock conditions.

Raijintek have introduced a new way to install cooling fans and we found it to be very useful. Having rubber plugs to install such a device and having the adding anti-vibration properties makes the job of attaching a fan to the cooler hassle-free.

The aspect which will rouse plenty of discussion and surprise is EreBoss’ price-point which comes in at a mere £30. It’s rare these days to discover a bargain but this sums EreBoss up in one word. This cooler is a great value for money choice for any enthusiast wanting low-noise and great stock performance.

Entering the ring as the ‘new face’ is never an easy task but Raijintek have done a great job with EreBoss. We found this cooler to be good quality, demonstrating great performance under stock conditions and with such an attractive price-tag we would encourage a purchase if you are on a tight budget.

+ Good quality
+ Supports all sockets
+ Looks good
+ Stock performance revealed a great cooler
+ Ultra-thin cooling fan
+ Low-noise
+ Very good value for money
+ Easy method to install fan

- Extra-long screwdriver needed for install
- Struggled when overclocked

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