Raijintek EreBoss Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-08-13
Closer Look

EreBoss is Raijintek’s current flagship CPU cooler and thus has a burly appearance. Weighing 808g and measuring 140x150x13 mm this heatsink is not for the fainthearted. The fins are aluminium whilst the base and heatpipes are copper in construction.

An overview of EreBoss

The fin profile follows an interesting arrangement. The profile bow inwards and has a deep incision in the middle. The fin arrangement is rather dense and there are perforations on the underside of the first plate.

The fin arrangement and profile

Raijintek have given EreBoss six copper heatpipes which transfer the heat from the baseplate to the aluminium fins. The top of the heatsink has the Raijintek logo engraved in the centre and a cavity has been channelled down to sit directly above the crossbar screw hole so that a screwdriver can be used since EreBoss overhangs with its oversized design.

The baseplate is copper with nickel plating which has been given a transparent finish. As you can see from the picture the baseplate shows a perfect reflection of what is placed in front of it.

The top of EreBoss

A mirror finish baseplate

In order to attach the cooling fan there is a different method employed against the usual fan clips. Instead, there are a series of rubber plugs which slot between the fan mounting holes and the mounting holes on the heatsink. Not only does this make installation of the fan easier, but it also has anti-vibration attributes.

Fan installation involves rubber plugs

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