Raijintek METIS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-12-14

Product on Review: Metis Window (Gold)
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Raijintek
Street Price: £39.95 GBP / $65 USD

Last year saw newcomers Raijintek enter the IT industry with a range of CPU coolers to keep budding enthusiasts entertained. Amongst the variety of different coolers Raijintek has introduced, came a surprising set of price-tags too – this brand is all about bang for buck and today’s review sample takes us to observing the brand’s efforts in designing their very first computer case.

Metis is an aluminium computer case which is primarily designed for Mini-ITX configurations. This computer chassis is super-compact, lightweight and comes in a variety of different colours. With such a low-cost offering, has Raijintek cut any corners? Let’s find out!

Raijintek on their Metis
METIS, RAIJINTEK's first aluminum Mini-ITX case in 2014, has a remarkable elegant appearance design and high compatibility of system components. Although a Mini-ITX case, METIS is compatible with regular/ standard ATX Power supply, 170mm VGA card, 160mm height CPU cooler as well as one 120mm fan pre-installed at rear. Entirely black coated inside, aluminum color hair-silk anodized appearance and a transparent side panel, METIS satisfies not only your request of looking for elegant taste, but simultaneously satisfies the joy of installing a performing case.

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