Raijintek METIS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-12-14

The front and back of Metis

The front of Metis features a single, one-piece sheet of aluminium which has the Raijintek logo and a nicely designed power button. Since we’re dealing with compact dimensions 5.25” support has been omitted from this case and therefore we have no covers at the front.

The rear of Metis alludes to the switch in sides for the motherboard tray but also highlights a rotation too. There are two PCI expansion slot covers at the top of the case and an integrated power socket – Raijintek has included an extension cable so that the PSU can be installed at the front of the case. A single 120mm rear exhaust fan is included and will act as the primary source for active cooling support.

Ports at the top of the chassis

Up at the very top of Metis there are just a few ports to make use of. Included are two USB 3.0 ports and a headphone/microphone jack. The USB cable which plugs into the motherboard uses a USB 3.0 header but also has the legacy USB 2.0 plug too in case your motherboard lacks USB 3.0.

The underneath of Metis

Flipping the case over, we can see that Metis uses a different design than we’re typically accustomed to. There is a large opening at the bottom for the PSU and this is where the extension cable will connect to the back of the unit.

Raijintek include four rubber feet to prevent the case from slipping around and we can also see a number of circular rubber grommets – these rings allow SSDs to be installed within Metis, we’ll be looking at this closer on the next page.

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