Raijintek METIS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-12-14

Entering an already successful marketplace is always a brave movement to engage in and for Raijintek’s first attempt at designing a case, they’ve done a decent job!

Being primarily designed for Mini-ITX motherboards, Metis appeals to enthusiasts and system builders who plan to build a configuration based around small form factor. When we say “Small form factor” we really mean just that when speaking of Metis. This case is very compact in its physical dimensions which has a two-edged sword depending on your viewpoint – All space is made use of and as such the overall size of Metis is small but installing kit inside the case is cumbersome. During our experience with the case, it took us a while to get completely set up and we did encounter some annoyances.

From an aesthetic standpoint Raijintek has produced an attractive, dainty computer chassis which carries with it a level of finesse thanks to the brushed aluminium external elements. We also believe the company has made an excellent move by offering multiple colours because consumers want choice nowadays and with different hardware being styled for visual impression, the chance to create a theme is the “done thing”.

Metis has sufficient space to install big CPU coolers which is a particular perk for this form factor. For graphics card compatibility we are somewhat restricted though and if system builders are planning to add in a dedicated solution only small cards will fit. It’s the cable management which we feel is lacking inside this case – there is little space to conceal cables and nothing to tie them to in order to maintain a clean and tidy configuration. We’d have liked to see Raijintek alter the case to provide some support for cable management.

Being priced at just £39.95 GBP / $65 USD is one of the biggest highlights for this tiny computer chassis. Rival cases are typically more expensive than Metis and lack the premium aluminium treatment.

Raijintek has done a great job with their very first computer case. Metis is an attractive Mini-ITX case which won’t break the bank or leave a giant hole in your pocket

+ Nice aesthetics
+ Available in an assortment of colours
+ Aluminium externals
+ Extremely compact
+ Low-noise
+ Low-cost

- Scuffs from cables inside
- Installation is cumbersome
- Lacks cable management features

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