Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Gaming Mouse Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅01-07-10
Overall Look: Razer Abyssus Mirror
The Razer Abyssus Mirror is a black gaming mouse with a high gloss finish. The finish is quite beautiful, but it is a pain to take pictures of and it is a fingerprint magnet. The finish is smooth to the touch but not slippery. Unfortunately, because of its smoothness, sweat residues can be felt with no trouble. Thankfully, the mouse’s surface is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The mouse is wired and features a 7-feet long USB cable. Briefly, in terms of features, the Abyssus Mirror is an ambidextrous mouse, features 3 large non-slip buttons and has two mechanical switches to adjust the DPI setting and the polling rate.

An overall look at the Razer Abyssus Mirror

Being an ambidextrous mouse, the Abyssus Mirror has a symmetrical design. Its buttons are not separate from the overall chassis of the mouse. They are continuous and are fairly large. At the back of the mouse, we can see the Razer logo that will glow blue when powered. Notice that the Abyssus Mirror is slightly larger in width at the back than at the front. This allows the thumb and the fifth finger to grip comfortably the sides of the mouse, making both a fingertip grip and a palm grip possible.

A bird view of the Razer Abyssus Mirror

At the bottom of the mouse, we see that the Abyssus Mirror features three “zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet”. Marketing gimmicks aside, there are two small Teflon feet in front and a single large Teflon foot at the back. These feel like high-quality and glide immensely well on most surfaces, especially on a cloth mousepad. There is also a large sticker with pertinent information on the mouse, including the serial number, model number and product number. We can also see two mechanical switches shouldering the centered infrared sensor. These switches are for the DPI and the polling rate. The centered infrared sensor uses the company’s signature Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor. This sensor has a maximal sensitivity of 3500DPI.

The bottom view of the Razer Abyssus Mirror

At the front of the Abyssus Mirror, we can see that the USB cable is reinforced at its insertion to the mouse’s chassis to reduce tension. The mouse wheel is rubber-coated and provided a good grip for the index. There are also small ridges that provide tactile feedback. Notice that the left and right buttons are large and have a particular shape. These buttons resemble a wave or a ridge. The thumb and fourth finger can rest on the outer edge of this ridge and this enhances the fingers’ grip on the mouse. Also, the ridges themselves provide tactile feedback and help locate the fingers on the mouse without looking. They also help the index and the middle finger to grip the mouse.

The front of the Razer Abyssus Mirror

At the back of the mouse, we can see the Razer logo. Once more, this logo will faintly glow blue when the mouse is powered. Both the left side and the right side of the mouse have a gap between the mouse buttons and the bottom of the mouse’s chassis. Asides from letting the buttons to be depressed, these gaps provide tactile feedback for the tip of the thumb and the fifth finger, optimizing the grip of these fingers on the mouse.

the back of the Razer Abyssus Mirror

The left and the right side of the Abyssus Mirror are identical because this is an ambidextrous mouse. The back of the mouse is only slightly raised compared to the front. This low-profile design permits a comfortable fingertip grip of the mouse. Indeed, the fingers barely need to flex in order to grip the mouse properly.

Overall, we see that the Razer Abyssus Mirror was designed from the ground-up to accommodate a fingertip grip with a spot for each finger to comfortably grip the mouse.

The left side of the Razer Abyssus Mirror

The right side of the Razer Abyssus Mirror

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