Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅30-07-21

Product on Review: Basilisk Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer: Razer
- US: $149.99/169.99 (excl Tax)
- UK: £149.99/169.99 (inc. V.A.T.)
- EU: €169.99/189.99 (inc. Tax)


Peripherals specialist Razer have been a fixture of the enthusiast gaming market for years, bringing a wide variety of keyboards, mice and more to the hands of gamers that have been adapted to specific genres, styles or even the mechanics of individual titles. They are by nature a very experimental brand, always willing to push the envelope to hardware that defy normality in subtle or extravagant ways. In the past this has perhaps best been best exemplified in the Naga series but there are signs throughout their catalogue, not to mention the out-the-box concepts that often take centre stage at technology expos.

Today we’re looking at the Basilisk Ultimate, a wireless mouse that packs a few surprises within a relatively familiar frame. The Basilisk V2 core is a 2019 target specification and as a result just about predates the current trend of ultralight chassis, instead pushing a feature-rich design that’s oriented towards general gaming sensibilities rather than hyper-specialising for FPS, MOBA or MMO titles. And thanks to that, gamers with eclectic tastes can enjoy a mouse for any occasion.

The wireless component of the Basilisk Ultimate is made possible by Razer’s Hyperspeed technology. They’re aiming for 2.4GHz wireless mode that has an imperceptible latency profile which it’s claimed is significantly faster than the competition, and a specialised USB wireless dongle (or optional charging dock) handles the I/O. Much of the mouse’s 107g weight is due to an internal battery rated for up to 100hrs continuous use, chargeable via the supplied ‘Speedflex’ USB cable or dock. A cable that incidentally can also convert the mouse to fully wired operation if required in a pinch.

The sensor is another important aspect of the Basilisk Ultimate and Razer have pulled no punches by integrating a 20,000 dpi optical model they dub the FOCUS+. That’s high-end for any mouse specialisation, and relatively rare on a power-sipping wireless platform. The sensor is supported by 11 programmable buttons and on-board engine that supports 1000Hz polling and multiple limited profiles.

The final headline feature is support for Chroma RGB lighting. This unlocks a wide array of customisable lighting options that treats the mouse as having multiple lighting zones, allowing configuration that depends on profile or reacts to environmental factors. As a Chroma device these effects can also be linked to other compatible peripherals including Razer keyboards, 3rd party motherboard and component lighting, and even some ambient room lighting hardware.

At an MSRP* of $149.99 or $169.99 with the charging dock (£149.99/169.99 inc V.A.T. respectively in the UK) the Razer Basilisk Ultimate is certainly a considered purchase. Its closest competitor might be the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, a slightly more affordable unit, and SteelSeries have the Rival 605 Wireless a step down again. So have Razer carved out a place for themselves with the Basilisk Ultimate? Read on to find out more.

* At the time of writing the Basilisk Ultimate is available considerably below its MSRP, below £80 at some e-tailers.

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