Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅30-07-21
Packaging and First Look

Peripheral manufacturers have each carved out their own recognisable liveries over the years, none more so than Razer who are now famous for their Black/Green colour-scheme. Thatís present here, even if the Basilisk Ultimateís box isnít quite as opulent as the name suggests.

The front of this compact container showcases the aggressive styling of the Basilisk and its RGB highlights, appealing directly to today's gamer aesthetic. Wireless technology and the 20K DPI optical sensor are both featured alongside the Chroma RGB lighting system, and the number of programmable buttons is part of the footnotes.

The rear is more thorough in spelling out this Basiliskís differentiating features, and in that regard itís also nice to see the button technology get an insert to itself. Approximate size and weight are in the fine print right at the bottom but more detailed technical information is reserved for the product page of Razerís website.

The spine of the packaging breaks down both the Hyperspeed wireless technology and whatís inside the package. We should also relay that Razer have used a majority of recycled and recyclable materials for their packaging rather than a heavy amount of single-use plastics, but there's probably more work that can be done in this area considering that the mouse is obscured from view until the package is unsealed and opened.

Inside we find the Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse, a USB-A to micro-USB 'Speedflex' charging cable with braided sleeve, the USB wireless dongle, the dongle adapter, and some paperwork to help getting started.

The micro-USB connector on the Speedflex charging cable is keyed to fit snugly in the port on the front of the mouse, ensuring that it doesnít put any lateral pressure on the port if the mouse is used while connected. Thatís a really smart decision which speaks for an accomplished design team.

Razer have kept the overall bundle tight with components that are necessary rather than laden it down with marginal extras, letting the product do the talking. Thereís a lot to be commended in that approach, particularly when it reduces waste.

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