Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅19-05-17
Packaging & First Look
Absolutely no surprises with their packaging; black and green, a simple design and a tendency to show off their RGB scheme. Also included on the front of the packaging is a sample key, used to provide an example of how the Razer green mechanical keys feel; this also doubles as a keyring, which you’ll see later.

The rear of the box highlights the main features, including the differences in the three switches that Razer now offers: Green, Orange and the brand new Yellow.

Once opened, the keyboard is held in place by soft foam at either end, with a protective plastic shield over the top. Inside the lid are the instruction manual and a small ‘Welcome to the cult of Razer’ greeting card, from the Co-Founder of Razer, Min-Liang Tan. You will also notice, along the bottom of the box, is a 4 step process on setting up your Razer Keycap Keychain.

Included within the box, along with the keyboard, is the wrist rest, which features a magnetic strip to align with the keyboard, this means there’s no clips to break. There’s also a duo of Razer stickers, the instruction manual, a small write up, and the Razer Keycap Keychain, which features the Razer Green mechanical switch and RGB lighting effects when pressed.

The Keycap Keychain; this is a genius use of a redundant part of the packaging. We decided to use the keycap in replacement of the “esc” key, purely for aesthetic purposes.

The keyboard, featuring an all new font, a matt black plastic front and back, 5 Macro keys along the left hand edge, soft plastic keycaps and a large, glossy panel in the top right.

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