Razer Leviathan Mini Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-04-16
Closer Look

The Razer Leviathan Mini is attractive and sleek with a full mesh front and rear and clearly marked buttons on the top. There is a microphone hole on the top left hand side, a negative button, a multifunction button (MFB), and a positive button.

Standing just 55mm tall, the Leviathan Mini is rather compact, the front is completely mesh covered with exception to the Razer logo. There are two 45mm drivers on each side sitting just behind the mesh.

The rear side is completely meshed over, behind which are two large 40x70mm rear firing radiators.

This side features a NFC connection spot for NFC enabled smart devices, a fast and convenient feature. The MFB is currently green in this image to show that I was currently in a call while taking this photo.

Here there is a power button, pairing button, 3.5mm port, and microUSB port for charging.

The underside has a large, rubber, non-slip pad, this will held reduce vibrational movement and noise.

Once powered on, the power button will display a green light. Once the battery is low it will turn amber, then flash red once it is critically low. The Bluetooth pairing button will flash blue while pairing, and remain static once it has paired.

Once you have paired your device to the speaker, if you hold the MFB, it will seek for another Leviathan mini for combo play. By holding the MFB on another leviathan Mini, they will then pair up and you will be ready for some wireless stereo audio. The MFB will display a static white light while in this mode.

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