Razer Leviathan Mini Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-04-16

The Razer Leviathan Mini was very surprising due to its small stature yet powerful performance. Considering it is powered by two 45mm drivers and lacks a subwoofer, the bass is rich and well rounded. This could be down to the two large 40 x 70mm passive drivers helping to assist the drivers in their work. The overall volume was good too, easily filling a room with great quality sound. This can then be boosted by pairing another Leviathan Mini wirelessly for comboplay, giving an impressive stereo performance; something that the Creative Roar can only do with a 15 cable.

The pricing of the Razer seems fairly steep when you consider it's greatest rival is certainly going to be the Creative Roar series, and the Roar essentially wins in many areas. The bi-amplified design of the Roar along with the additional subwoofer, gives the Roar an advantage in the audio quality department, then it does have a whole host of additional features. Though there are a few fundamentals that the Leviathan Mini gets right. That is, it's approximately half the size and weight of the Roar 2; the slightly pricer but smaller/lighter version of the Roar. Yet it still packs a mighty performance that is comparable and enjoyable, not to mention it comes with a carry bag as standard! This makes the Razer leviathan Mini a serious contender for those looking for a powerful, portable speaker and are willing to trade off a few features for something smaller/lighter than the Roar. Overall we are very impressed and we believe you will be too.

Then Razer Leviathan is a small portable speaker that belies its appearance with a wonderfully powerful and enjoyable audio experience.

+ Small and relatively light
+ Sleek design
+ Sounds great, powerful bass
+ Relatively loud
+ Bluetooth/NFC and analogue input
+ Long battery life
+ Wireless comboplay
+ Integrated microphone
+ Includes a carry bag

- Less features than competitors

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