Razer Mamba HyperFlux + Firefly HyperFlux Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅15-03-18
The Razer Mamba HyperFlux + Firefly HyperFlux bundle offers everything a gamer might need, a dependable and accurate sensor, thumb buttons, on-the-fly adjustment of profiles and DPI settings and of course, RGB lighting, but the true beauty of the device is the wireless nature. Donít forget, the cable is still required to connect the Firefly to an available USB port, but that can be routed much more tidily. Please donít confuse the Firefly as a ďcharging mouse matĒ, because itís not that; the super conductor inside is, technically, storing a charge, but only enough for around 25 seconds, at a push. This does, however, enable Razer to produce a wireless mouse with a weight of only 96g, which feels awesome in the hand. Itís almost unbelievable how light the device is.

Adopting Razerís proprietary Adaptive Frequency Technology, the mouse doesnít miss a beat, with the mouse and receiver working together to check and adapt the wireless connection in millisecond intervals; enabling 100% transmission stability, 100% of the time.

The RGB lighting around the Firefly is excellent, illuminating the desk below, while the black surface of the Firefly helps accentuate the lighting on the Mamba that little bit more in a dimly lit room. The Chroma Studio is excellent for getting the perfect look or effect.

Fans of Razer will take little convincing, but those less-convinced might find the £250 price tag is a little too far to stretch for a little convenience; that is perfectly justified, but if youíre lucky enough to have deep pockets and in search for a new, RGB enabled, wireless mouse that never needs to be charged, we canít recommend this enough.

Early adopters of any technology are always bitten by a higher price, but without those more adventurous types, innovation would slow. Push the boat out, buy the Mamba + Firefly HyperFlux and revel in the joy of going wire-free.

+ Gorgeous and comfortable design
+ Lightweight design aids responsiveness
+ Beautiful RGB lighting ecosystem
+ Synapse 3.0 is becoming a brilliant piece of software
+ No charging required
+ Wireless transmission is solid
+ Sensor performance was exemplary

- Price
- Only one compatible device at present

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