Razer ManO'War Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-07-16
Closer Look

The headset itself is mostly black plastic, with a large plastic headband with swivel type earscups. The earcups look similar to the design found on the Kraken headset, though significantly larger.

The Razer name embossed on the top of the headband.

The headband itself features a pad of soft foam (could be memory foam) cushioning big enough for the top of your head.

The headset can be adjusted to fit your head size, though the default size seems perfectly adequate for most.

The outside of the earcups feature the mesh look seen on the Kraken headsets with the Razer logo in the centre. Simple and attractive.

The earcups feature a large 60mm circular opening for your ears and is lined with think foam padding, again, could be memory foam (not stated as such by Razer).

At the base of the earcups you find the business end, including the retractable microphone, microphone volume dial (press to mute), microUSB port, power button. On the right side we see the volume dial (press to mute) and the wireless adaptor seated in its storage area.

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