Razer ManO'War Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-07-16

After spending some time in various games, from CS:GO, to running around in Skyrim or Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, the Man'O War is a very enjoyable headset. It's overall audio signature is perfect for gaming and its virtual surround rendering is surprisingly effective. The Man'O War delivers its promise of lag free audio and we experienced no interference while sitting about 2-3 metres away from the system (game pad heathen). After around 4-5 hours use (LEDs on), the battery life was reported to be at around 75% so the 14hour life span is realistic, though for a more respectable 20hour lifespan you need to turn off the LED lighting.

There are some problems with the Man'O War and it isn't with its performance. Firstly, at its smallest size I found it a little too big, as I am not the smallest guy around I am sure many will find it difficult to wear despite being comfortable. The biggest point to consider is its pricing, and sitting at 154.99 RRP, the overall construction feels rather cheap and isn't quite the half-way home between the Void Wireless and the Siberia 800 the pricing would suggest. Not to mention that if you were interested in a surround headset, you can get the true 7.1 Razer Tiamat for about the same price.

None of this undercuts the great performance of the Man'O War but we feel the need to underline the essential features. It is a wireless (doesn't work via USB anyway) v7.1 gaming headset first and only, and for that purpose it is pretty damn good.

The Razer Man'O War gave us hours of enjoyable, lag free, wireless audio while the exceptional virtual 7.1 surround sits amongst the best out there.

+ Lag free wireless audio
+ Great gaming audio, powerful bass
+ Relatively loud
+ Great v7.1 rendering
+ Reasonable battery life (lighting disabled)
+ Good bundled accessories
+ Compatible with PS4 (Stereo mode only)
+ Attractive lighting
+ Comfortable*

- Feels over-priced
- but some may find it a little large*
- Limited connectivity options

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