Razer Nommo Chroma Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-03-18
Closer Look
The front of each speaker features a perfectly centred 3-inch tweeter, finely engineered using a custom weave of glass fibre to deliver sharp, clear sounds. The aim here is to deliver a tighter sound with higher frequencies, helping you to hear distinct layers and audio details.

The speakers measure 220mm tall at their peak, with a completely unique and striking design. The base is 140mm across, creating a sturdy platform, with rubber grips on the underside, preventing the speakers moving around. Around the perimeter of each base is 24 RGB LEDs

One both sides of each can, printed in a slightly different shade of black, is a RAZER logo. This can be almost invisible in certain lighting conditions. Each speaker is roughly 170mm from front to back and 110mm in diameter.

Due to the 2.0 nature of the set-up, each speaker contains a rear-facing subwoofer. The bass ports sit inside large chambers, helping to amplify the low end bass.
The rear is also home to some IO ports, on the left speaker is a connection from the right speaker only, carrying sound and information for the RGB lighting. The right speaker features an AUX in, a headphone pass-through and a power connection.

The only hardwired cables protrude from the bottom of the right speaker, connecting the two speakers together and a USB cable for sound and lighting.

The base of the right hand speaker is home to two small knobs, one for volume, the other for bass. The volume button, when depressed, acts as the on/off switch for both sides.
When using the volume adjustment, the right speaker will illuminate with green lighting around the front 12 RGB LEDs, indicating the current volume level; it also turns completely red when muted. The bass adjustment activates a similar feature, with blue lighting under the left speaker to show the current bass setting.

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