Razer Nommo Chroma Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-03-18
Performance Testing
Setting up the Nommo Chroma was a doddle, there’s no subwoofer to find a home for, and any permanent cables are kept to a minimum, with only the USB and left speaker connections being hardwired. Razer suggests spacing each speaker equally distant from the flanks of your monitor, allowing the Nommo to provide you with the best spatial awareness in your games; also ensure you are sat in the centre for an optimal experience.

Synapse 3.0 provides excellent customisation features of the RGB lighting, with the ability to instantly adjust any of the 24 LEDs completely independently of each other. Unfortunately, the brightness is a bit of an issue for us, being very dim, even in a dark room, as is the diffusion of the light. There’s a clear divide between each RGB LED, resulting in a lumpy, non-uniform appearance to the lighting. Despite this, the ambience it provides is much better than nothing, and when paired with other peripherals under the Chroma Studio umbrella, the effects add up to a beautiful system.

The volume and bass adjustment wheels have a lovely notched feel, making adjustment very tactile and easy to gauge.

We set out to the test the speakers in a range of different ways, listening to a variety of different music tracks, then giving gaming and movies a blast.

The highs, mids and lows were accurately represented by these modest speakers, giving music a special kind of “depth”, with sounds that once weren’t clear now unmistakeably present. We found songs like Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot were especially clear, particularly the opening minute or so.

We tried some music with a heavier bass, to see what impact a lack of dedicated subwoofer has – unfortunately, due to the 50Hz bottom-end, the deep thumping of certain tracks was lacking somewhat, however, for their size, we were impressed by the punch that they could provide; something like a bass guitar would cause the speakers to struggle to give the true experience. The easy access to bass controls, and having automatic gain built-in, helped to find a good balance between the highs and lows, though.

Gaming was a different story altogether – arguably what these speakers have been bred for. The clarity from each satellite provided insanely good directional awareness. Games like Battlefield 1 and Forza 7 provided incredible soundscapes, really helping you to gain an advantage without wearing a headset or headphones. We could hear grenade explosions in the distance and hear bullets whistle past in Battlefield 1, while Forza 7 provided a much deeper sense of how your tyres are faring mid-corner; you could almost feel the rubber losing traction purely from the audio.

Volume was more than ample, perhaps too loud for a set of PC speakers, in all honesty, but it’s nice to have it. Turning the volume up to max didn’t cause any distortion, but the bass did begin to feel a little empty at the higher end, packing less punch – not much the speakers can do at this point, with the lack of a dedicated subwoofer.

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