Razer Ornata Chroma Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-11-16

The mecha-membrane switches are an interesting concept and Razer have practically nailed the implementation. The soft, quiet key presses feel superb, with just the clicky-click sound and tactile feedback punctuating each key press. This is a stark difference from the clackity clack of the majority of mechanical keyboards. The impression of the mecha-membrane switches could be an illusion, or trick, and they certainly are convincing in some manner and so it truly is the keyboard for any mecha-skeptic.

Unlike most membrane based keyboards, the Razer Ornata Chroma offers full fledged per-key backlighting and the whole host of Chroma effects, this level of advanced backlighting is rarely, if not ever seen in a traditional membrane keyboard. To top it off, with the support of Razer Synapse software, you get full per-key programmability too.

Though I love how the mecha-membrane switches feel, there is an element of inconsistency that causes a varying tactile response depending on which part of the keycap you press and this was most notable in the spacebar, so there is room for improvement.

There are some other drawbacks worth mentioning also. The wrist rest plays a fairly integral part in the use of the Ornata keyboard and considering the pricing, it would have been nice to have had better quality/luxury padding used. Other things to note are the lack of USB/audio pass-through and that the coating/surface of the keycaps are fingerprint magnets.

For 100, it certainly sits at a premium, and you can pick up a fantastic mechanical RGB keyboard that offers the same, if not, more in the way of features. So in truth, you are paying not just for the mecha-membrane switches, but the Razer badge too. The end user will need to decide if this keyboard is for them, and I would suggest that the mecha-membrane switches are at least worth experiencing (luckily they have that try before you buy cutout despite my dislike for it). If you are a mecha-skeptic or simply prefer non-mechanical keyboards, this is likely going to be the ultimate keyboard in that category right now. However, if you are a firm fan of mechanical switches you may not be so easily convinced, but you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Not everyone is sold on mechanical switches and these people may feel like they are being left behind. The Ornata Chroma addresses all of that with the awesome mecha-membrane switches providing the best of both worlds and full tilt customisation.

+ Attractive aesthetic
+ The mecha-mebrane switches feel fantastic
+ 14 key roll over (despite claiming 10KRO)
+ Fully programmable keys
+ Full Chroma advanced lighting and effects

- Wrist rest could be better
- Spacebar needs better stabilisation
- No USB/audio pass-through

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