Razer Orochi 2015 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-04-16
Packaging & Bundle

The packaging the Orochi comes in is very typical of the current line of Razer products, featuring quality black card with an image of the product, with a reflective print of the product name. There are various details about its features listed including Chroma lighting, Bluetooth connectivity. Overal very sleek and appealing.

On the side there is a product overview, while at the back there are further details about the Orochi mouse with the technical specifications listed in various languages.


Inside the box is another box, two toned with black on Razer green.

Inside we find a welcome note, quick start guide and some reflective Razer stickers.

Underneath the paperwork, we find a welcome selection of accessories including 2x AA Duracell batteries, a protective travel pouch and a braided cable.

The braided cable looks good quality and has gold plated connectors.

The travel pouch is a durable nylon bag which the Orochi fits inside and has a small mesh pocket to fit the cable.

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