Razer Orochi 2015 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-04-16
Closer Look

Face on, the Orochi has the mesh grills that we have seen on various other Razer mice. There is a large parting for the microUSB connector to slot into neatly.

The sides each have a rubberised grip, and features two buttons.

The rear side shows the faint detailing of the Razer logo, understandably not lit up using fancy LEDs for the sake of battery life. You can also see a slight flanged shape for comfort and grip.

The mouse wheel is thick and strong with a rubberised grip, it also serves as the RGB lighting point, and doubles in use as a low battery indicator.

The base of the Orochi features three large slip pads and an on/off switch, while the sensor is mounted around the centre point.

The top shell of the mouse can easily be removed to install the batteries, the shell easily falls back into place and is secured by magnets.

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