Razer Orochi 2015 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-04-16

The primary role that the Orochi was created to fulfil, is aimed at the notebook user with a busy lifestyle. So if you are a student, or office worker often moving around place to place with a spare lunch hour you like to smash out a gaming session in bursts, the Orochi is for you. The Razer Orochi is certainly a powerful mouse in a small form factor with competent gaming capability. The small size makes it highly portable and the included travel pouch will help protect it while it knocks around in your bag.

There are a number of missed opportunities with the Razer Orochi, mainly being with the sensor as it could have used latest generation laser or optical sensor, as well as the lack of a Bluetooth dongle that causes you to rely on any integrated solution on your notebook or system. This may cause problems in particularly signal busy areas. Though you could always just use it wired, right? But that isn't the point of a wireless mouse is it? If you end up using this mouse wired all the time, or you specifically want this mouse to game with, unless you are a pro-finger tipper and want a high performance small sized mouse, this mouse is not for you.

On the plus side, the battery life genuinely seems rather long and over the course of a few days normal use, the batteries didn't break a sweat. Yes batteries... 2x AA alkaline batteries. While promising 60 hours of use, (maybe more if you turn off the LED lighting) the 7 month statement seems to be a huge stretch when you consider that, this number must have considered 'wired' time as part of the normal usage. If this is 'intended to be a wired mouse' then, they should have just made it wired and cheaper. Regardless if the mouse can perform to its 60hr life span on quality batteries and you are a casual user, the running cost of the Orochi will be a negligeable 8-16 a year under normal use (say <4hrs a day depending on how much time you use wirelessly). If you are using this mouse day in day out for work, presentations, casual gaming, and general social media time, meaning you practically live on your notebook, over a year you could easily spend more on batteries than the mouse itself costs. Jumping back to that horribly bad statement, 'You can always use it wired, right?'.

From that perspective, sitting at 65 and not including a rechargeable battery or Bluetooth dongle, doesn't make it seem like good value. Though there is space for the Orochi in the market. There are people that desperately need the convenience of a powerful, portable wireless mouse that they can use on the go in various situations and has the precision for some serious gaming once they have the time to plug in and relax. This makes the Orochi rather niche, and it is perfect for that exact situation; and maybe for those that love small mice.

The Razer Orochi is like a secret weapon versatile for everyday, yet deadly enough for some serious gaming.

+ Attractive Aesthetic
+ Ambidextrous
+ Wireless/ Wired design
+ Small and portable
+ Nice bundle including travel pouch + batteries

- Price
- Not rechargable
- No included dongle

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