Razer Orochi V2 White Edition Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07-09-21

Product on Review: Orochi V2
Manufacturer: Razer
- UK: £69.99 (inc. V.A.T.)
- US: $69.99 (excl Tax)
- EU: Ä79.99 (inc. Tax)
- AUS: AU$114.95 (inc. Tax)


After 18 months of pandemic-imposed restrictions the world is collectively attempting to return to some kind of normality, with varying degrees of success it must be said. With that normalcy comes a renewed desire for getting out and about: returning to college, holding gaming events, and visiting friends and family to renew bonds grown frayed through time apart and stress caused by isolation. And to help you, you might want your kit to be a little more mobile than pre-pandemic norms.

Mobility was surely at the fore-front of the initial design brief laid out by peripheral specialists Razer for the Orochi V2, a new wireless gaming mouse that, even if not directly motivated by post-pandemic expectations, comes at a very opportune time. Compact and wireless but with genuine gaming credentials, itís one of a new breed of lightweight rodents tailored to taking advantage of PC gaming's changing norms.

Named for an eight-headed serpent from Japanese mythology, you might expect the Orochi to be a monstrous behemoth shaped for the hands of Andre the Giant. In fact the Orochi V2 is a small and perhaps cute mouse that fits very easily in the palm of even a normal-sized human, belying the deadly gaming technology inside.

The Orochi V2 utilises the latest iteration of Razerís Hyperspeed 2.4GHz wireless technology to achieve low-latency mousing, but adds flexibility through Bluetooth support for laptops and MacBooks. If you opt for Hyperspeed then it can connect through the included USB dongle or other Hyperspeed dongle that supports multi-device pairing, cutting down on the ports used.

Dual wireless modes arenít the only flexible aspect to the Orochi V2ís design. The mouse can be powered by either a AA or a AAA battery, whichever you have to hand in the moment, with the knock-on effect of also allowing you to very slightly tweak both the weight and balance if itís important to you.

Compared to the original Orochi this V2 update is both longer and more narrow, eschewing the squat traditions of mobile mice of the past and embracing a more streamlined shape. This model also doesnít include an integrated battery, charging capability, or ambidextrous button layout. Taken holistically, these changes underscores the significance of the Orochi V2ís change of direction.

Mechanical switches and an 18000 dpi optical sensor round of the gaming features shown off by the Orochi V2. But thereís one final aspect of the mouse gamers might appreciate more than any other.

We're looking at the White Edition of the Orochi V2, and it's also available in Black. For a premium however you can choose from a plethora of custom top-shell design themes inspired by games, celebrities and influences. Or create your own through a simple design editor for something a bit more bespoke. The world may not quite be your oyster, but the options are many and varied.

The price you pay for this premium design is however, well, premium. At £70/$70 it costs as much as many wired enthusiast mice, and significantly more than some of the more affordable wireless gaming mice on the market such as the CORSAIR KATAR PRO. The closest competitors might be SteelSeries' Rival 3 Wireless or Logitechís G305, but many with equivalent specs have transitioned to a rechargeable wireless style.

Razer on the Orochi V2


Introducing the Razer Orochi V2óa compact, ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse with the longest battery life thatís second to none. Armed with both Razer HyperSpeed Wireless & Bluetooth modes, itís your perfect companion for gaming on the go.

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