Razer Tartarus Chroma Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅06-10-15

Products like the Tartarus may be a little niche for some, but for those looking to exploit a massive advantage that awaits after a little learning curve, may come to swear by it. The near limitless possibilities with macros and programmability are definite strong points that will shine particularly in fast paced action RTSs, though can easily cater for any genre out there.

The advantages of the Tartarus are marred by a few important factors. Firstly, I found that the hard plastic wrist rest to be fairly unforgiving, and the adjustable grips 2 size only policy did not suit my hand size at all. Sliding about 20-30mm between each position, an option for somewhere in the middle would have helped things greatly. The Tartarus also forces you into a wide open palm grip which feels rather unnecessary, like grabbing a hard plastic boob with a keyboard under your finger tips and the nipple under your thumb. The ALT and SPACE buttons were easily accessed but again, the movement distance between them is relatively far, slowing actuation time between them.

Secondly, is a combination of the lack of mechanical switches with per-key customisable lighting. Creating your own key maps with macros on different profiles is far more convenient with the visual cue of customised illumination, which as far as 'Chroma sells itself', people could be forgiven if this was part of their expectations. Overall, the Tartarus Chroma will fill that gap for gamers looking to get a non-conventional advantage from their gaming arsenal as there are many reasons why it would be worth getting used to such as its portability or simply maximising your macro commands to increase your potential in fast paced games. At this current stage in the development of the Tartarus doesn't quite make it to the level where it is a must have for every gamer but that future potential can clearly be seen. For now, if you are looking for an alternative to a standard keyboard with the possibility of gaining an advantage, then you may have just stumbled across your new deadly partner.

Razer prove their innovation with the Tartarus Chroma, offering gamers a powerful alternative to a traditional control pad or keyboard.

+ Highly programmable
+ 8 Profile maps
+ Highly portable
+ Great for MOBA/MMO/FPS/RTS

- Doesn't use mechanical switches
- Not as comfortable as expected
- No per-key customisable lighting

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