Razer Wildcat Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-02-16

Product on Review: Razer Wildcat
Manufacturer and Sponsor: RAZER
Street Price: UK: £119.99, US: $149.99

Razer have had a presence with the Xbox console for a while, releasing the Onza controller for the Xbox 360 in 2011. The Onza was a well received entry by Razer, yet many felt it was poorly implemented with many complaints about build quality. Since then, Razer have been working away to refine their game pads and have since released various controllers including the Sabertooth for 360, and now the Wildcat for Xbox One. Enthusiast/tournament game pads are now in full swing, the overwhelming popularity of the Xbox Elite controller solidifies this fact, yet some haven't quite found the perfect partner with the Elite controller. Some find it too heavy for prolonged use and others are getting frustrated about the back paddles are too easy to hit, causing mistakes/misclicks in game. These properties are strong blows from Razer, with the Wildcat weighing a mere 260g, and having 2 additional bumper buttons on the top, and two aluminium triggers on the underside.

Overview by Razer
Made for tournament play and developed with feedback from the world’s best eSports athletes, this ultimate gaming controller packs four additional Multi-Function Buttons over the ordinary controller layout for unparalleled customizability. The optimized weight, optional palm grips and reinforced wired connection are designed for long gaming sessions and gives you the unfair advantage over your foes whether it’s in training or in critical tournament moments. With full customizability to create dedicated button layout profiles for each of your games or tweak your audio settings on the fly, the Razer Wildcat for Xbox One gives you absolute control without any distractions.

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