Razer Wildcat Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-02-16

The Razer Wildcat is actually a mixed beast hunting down that Elite controller. Though the truth is, it is very different to the elite controller and these differences will make or break it as a choice for the gamer. Firstly, the ergonomic feel of the Wildcat feels gloriously good and I didn't feel the need to stick on the rubber grip. The additional bumpers and triggers say in a very natural position, making them comfortable and easy to use, yet they weren't so easy to use by accident. Also at just 260g, the Wildcat didn't feel like it wanted to jump out of my hands after a long gaming session.

Other great points too are the durable materials used, like the carbon steel thumb stick shafts, these really make a difference to how robust they are and how smooth the sticks feel. The only downsides are, at this price point, many will expect 'more'. For example, the Elite controller has a huge software suite of customisations and advanced controls, the Wildcat has none. The Elite controller is wireless, the Wildcat is not. Making the Elite controller seem more, even if it isn't the superior controller in terms of usability and outright performance. Either way, the trade offs with the Wildcat are important blows to the Elite controller and is a viable alternative for the enthusiast gamer.

Razer have made a well thought out, usable, and comfortable controller specifically made for absolute performance in competitive play.

+ Lightweight
+ Comfortable shape
+ 4 additional remappable buttons
+ Buttons feel good to press
+ Durable materials
+ Included carry case
+ Decent accessories pack

- Not wireless
- No supporting software
- Custom shape means little 3rd party support
- Price

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