RGB Free PC Build Guide - 2018

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅30-08-18

Of course with any PC build, we’ve had to cop-out and include parts that feature RGB or have RGB in the product name, but in 2018 this is inescapable. Speaking specifically about these products, to achieve an RGB-less appearance, it may be necessary to disable lighting within the provided software – which should only take a few moments to arrange.

It should be noted that the facility of having RGB lighting on a component does allow you to add in a splash of colour at a later stage. Where a powder coated component locks you to a certain coloured theme, RGB LED lighting has the ability to adjust at any given time. Many of the hardware vendors have now refined their software, giving the user much more management control over effects and colours – making it appealing to a wider range of users, whether a non-RGB appearance is preferred or an all-singing, all-dancing style is desired.

So, while some of us may not favour RGB LED lighting, it seems to be here to stay and it’s something we’ll have to live with… or work even harder trying to avoid.

As for the components selection, we wanted a PC that would be a great middle-ground; one that could game comfortably at 1440p as well as for higher refresh rate 1080p gaming, as those are still the most popular resolutions to play at. The parts we’ve selected would achieve that and provide you with a brilliant gaming experience, of course, this guide is flexible and can be changed and added to as you see fit, as there may be a component you prefer over what we’ve chosen.

As for the optional extras, those are parts that aren’t needed as the main guide covers all the essentials, but those optional add-ons will provide the system with a bit more character and style. Of course, those additional items will increase the end cost of the build, but they are all parts that could be installed after the initial build, so you could do the main build and then decide if you think it requires the extra flare. It’s also worth mentioning that the prices seen in this build fluctuate on a daily or weekly basis, so it may work out cheaper or more expensive depending on when you decide to purchase the components.

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