ROCCAT Cross Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-12-16

Product on Review: ROCCAT Cross
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ROCCAT
Street Price: UK: £64.99, US: $69.99

Fashion headphones are unfortunately a 'thing' and it is something that people love. That is the power the mainstream media has over the poor minds of the world (OBEY). That being said, it makes good business sense to tap this with an 'on-trend' headset that not only looks the part, but has a twist of gaming aggression.

The ROCCAT Cross is lighter than many headsets in its class at just 186g, and it ships with two different cables to improve versatility. A shorter mobile cable (1.2m) with a 4pole jack and an in-line microphone, and a longer cable (2.35m) featuring separate headphone/microphone jacks and a boom microphone. Despite its lightweight stature and its sleek all black finish, ROCCAT have equipped the Cross with 'studio grade' 50mm neodymium drivers that promise to deliver superior audio quality in all media.

Overview by ROCCAT
As gamers ourselves, ROCCAT® understands that times have changed and gaming has evolved. Gaming has gone multi-platform and become ubiquitous. Gamers want a refined, fluid experience that they can enjoy everywhere rather than awkwardly swapping between expensive peripherals that are limited to a single device. They want one single headset that replaces all of their other ones – one headset for everything, with nothing else needed. That’s why we developed the Cross specifically for YOU, not your device. The Cross is the multi-platform over-ear stereo gaming headset that’s equally at home on your PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One* as it is when you’re on the go with your mobile device. It’s the headset that’s outstanding, everywhere.

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