ROCCAT Cross Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-12-16

The Cross and its enduring comfort is down to its lightweight nature and super soft memory foam earpads. Combined with its beautiful, sleek curves and all black design, it is certainly something that you can be proud to show off in the great outdoors. The included cables ensure that you have the ability to move between different platforms quickly with little hassle. As a gaming headset, you are rewarded with a deep, rumbling bass that creates drama and excitement, but it also has a surprisingly wide soundstage too. As a music/media headset for on the go, this is definitely one for the bass lover.

There is very little to really pick on with the Cross. Sure, some will prefer more precision and balance regarding the audio signature, but it is selling itself as a bass heavy headset so it isn't really something to penalise it on.

So what can we pick on? Well, the exposed cable being responsible for holding the earcups in place isn't reassuring. Also, some would appreciate being able to directly mute the mobile microphone. Sure, you can mute it via a smartphone, but you can't do this with the games consoles unless you are using the old Xbox headphone adaptor (or a 3rd party controller with said feature). So in that scenario there is no immediate mute control. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, we could also discuss the disparity between affordable wireless headsets and premium wireless headsets, something that seems rather odd. The Cross strikes me as a fantastic candidate for a bit of wireless magic.

In summary, if you are one that has often craved more bass from your mobile headphones and you are also looking for a gaming headset, or vice-versa, the ROCCAT Cross is a fantastic all-in-one solution.

The ROCCAT Cross is a masterful blend of gaming and fashion with its long lasting comfort, powerful bass, and elegant design. Take it to work, then go home to game.

+ Comfortable
+ Deep, rumbling bass
+ Wide soundstage
+ Lightweight
+ Sleek aesthetics
+ Versatile (includes 2x cables w/ mics)

- Not wireless
- Could have had an integrated mute switch

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