👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅31-12-15
Closer Look

The edge around the mouse buttons are wedge shaped which gives and interesting aesthetic. The rubberised cord is fixed centrally as to give no preference towards a left/right orientation.

The side profile reveals that the buttons are rather large and you can notice the contrast between the soft touch on top and the plastic grip at the side.

The ROCCAT logo is positioned towards the rear, though interestingly will read upside down if used in the left hand, though is an oversight, a final detail like that can make a difference. The Logo features 16.8M colour LED backlighting, again, being the only point of lighting, which will spend most its life under someones hand seems like a bit of a waste.

After removing the side panel, you can see the mounting holes with magnetic contacts, and contacts for the buttons.

Underneath, the sensor is perfectly alighted to the centre of gravity and features two large slip pads at the front and rear.

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