👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅31-12-15

The KIRO enters as a mid-range ambidextrous mouse and offers a lot in the way of performance and build quality. There is the potential for further expandability due to being part of ROCCAT's 3D print support line. Though we did experience issues with the sensor in regards to tracking on matt white paper, this is not a scenario many people will be placing their mouse in and in a normal gaming environment, the sensor is precise and reliable.

The build quality is solid and the use of the tried and tested OMRON switches ensures that the KIRO can be expected to last a fair bit of time. The magic with the KIRO and its selling point isn't that it is just ambidextrous, but is a mouse that is suitable for all grip types too, offering comfort and control. Something you definitely want from your mouse.

At this price point the KIRO has to go toe to toe with the SteelSeries RIVAL 100 that is priced a little cheaper. All things considered however, there is enough to warrant the extra cost of the KIRO, meaning that there are some fantastic mice available for the consumer to choose from in the 30-40 ($40-50) segment.

Regardless of your grip type or preferred hand, the KIRO will provide you with the comfort, reliability and the precision you expect from a quality gaming mouse.

+ Ambidextrous with adjustable panels for L/R handed
+ Comfortable for various grip types
+ Solid construction
+ OMRON switches
+ On-board processing and memory

- None

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