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Product on Review: ROCCAT Kone AIMO
Manufacturer: ROCCAT
Street Price: £69.99 (£62.99) / $79.99 ($71.99)

It’s been a whole ten years since we saw the first ROCCAT Kone, an innovative mouse, to which, at least in a small part, we owe the current RGB trend to; ROCCAT was the first company to implement customisable lighting within a gaming peripheral.

Following over 30,000 people surveyed and ten years of development, Roccat has arrived at the Kone AIMO. Featuring RGBA lighting which is designed to be intelligent, ROCCAT’s incredibly impressive Owl-Eye sensor, on-board ARM Cortex-MO processor, 4D Titan Wheel and OMRON switches – at first glance, it seems to talk the talk.

Despite ten years of developments, ROCCAT has largely stuck to the original design of the Kone while revising ergonomics and button placement to enhance comfort further.

ROCCAT are offering the Kone AIMO in white, grey and black. We’ve been provided the black model for testing.

Is the ROCCAT Kone AIMO worth the £69.99 price tag? Read on to find out.

ROCCAT on the Kone AIMO:
With a striking design and a stunning feature set, the Kone AIMO triumphantly channels the legacy of its predecessor. Released in 2007, the original Kone was born as the first ROCCAT® product, setting a new industry standard with its groundbreaking innovations. Pioneered using ROCCAT's signature know-how coupled with the input of almost 30,000 surveyed gamers and Kone-lovers, the Kone AIMO continues the ten years of rich tradition. It boasts refined ergonomics with enhanced button distinction, but what truly sets it apart is its RGBA double lightguides powered by the state-of-the-art AIMO intelligent lighting system plus its responsive and remarkably accurate Owl-Eye optical sensor. The Kone AIMO truly travels at the speed of light.

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